Q&A| EOSForce Wallet

Q:What is EOS Coin?

A:EOSForce team changed and optimized the code of EOS, and based on that EOSForce released their own EOS public chain with the token called EOS Coin. Anyone (excluding the block.one team) who holds the EOS ERC20 token before the mainnet launch on UTC 1 June 2018 22:59:59 AND completed EOS token mapping will be entitled to an equal amount of EOS FORCE tokens.

Q:Does a EOSForce account requires 12 characters?

A:No, there’s no length limitation of EOSForce Account. You can register an account in any length unless it is taken by other users.

Q:Why I can see my total refund amount after refunding EOS Coin but cannot vote again? When could I vote again?

A:The refunding process actually takes 3 days.

Q:When could I get my voting dividends?

A:Just click 【dividends】and 0.03 EOS coin for the fee each time.

Q:Where can I check my EOS Coin amount regarding of the address mapped on ethereum?

A: https://explorer.eosforce.io/#/eth_eos_mapping

Q: What is the detail rule of EOSForce voting dividends?

A: please see below

produce one block in each 3 seconds, and 9 coin every block.
so all BP gain 9 * 20 * 60 * 24 = 259200 eos a day.
so each BP gain 259200/23 = 11269 coins a day
suppose there’re 10000 voted coins for A BP, so each vote will get 1.1269 coin a day.
suppose there’re 20000 voted coins for B BP, so each vote will get 0.5635 coin a day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our officail telegram group: https://t.me/medishares