Project Update| 2018.8.4

Community Activities

LRN Airdropping in Math Wallet

MathWallet has supported Loopring protocol and LRN Airdrop. Users could get LRN airdrop by importing the ETH address that owns more than 50 LRC to MathWallet, or create a ETH wallet in MathWallet and then transfer LRC to that ETH wallet.

Tutorial  How to get LRN Airdrop?

The Progress of Development


Added EOS BP monitoring alarm

Researched EOS Force permission management and multi-signing mechanism

IRISnet Cross-chain protocol Node

Deplyed IRISnet testing network nodes

Android & iOS

Added EOS account permission management

Added EOS Force token assets management

Supported LRN candy airdrop

Launched Developer DApp Browser

Optimized ETH transfer

Fixed known bugs


Added EOS account permission management

Added ONT Mapping

Optimized EOS account resource management

Optimized candy withdrawal process


Download Math Wallet: