Math Wallet Supports Cross-chain Exchange

1. What is cross-chain exchange?

The cross-chain exchange within MathWallet is a trading process based on the cross-chain protocol of SWFT Blockchain that users are able to exchange tokens across multiple blockchains without having to rely on centralized exchanges.

Current available trading pairs : ETH-EOS、ETH-BTC、BTC-EOS

2. How to do cross-chain exchange?

As the example of ETH-EOS:

Install Math Wallet :

Step1 : Switch to ETH wallet has available balance and click 【Exchange】in bottom

Step2 : Select “Receive” Token Type

Step3 : Set exchange amount and the wallet to receive exchanged tokens

Step4 : Click “Exchange” , confirm and enter password to complete the order

Step5 : Check Order

Return to the 【Exchange】page and you could see orders’ status and click to check details.

Explanation of “exchange status”:

  1. There’s four kinds of Status: Completed: “To be Deposited”, “Exchanging”, “Timeout” and “Completed”.
  2. “To be Deposited” and “Exchanging” means the order is in processing.
  3. “Timeout” means the exchange failed and click “Have questions about this order” in 【Detail】page to have customer service.

If you have any questions about SWAP service, you may contact the SWFT customer service: