MDS Lockdrop Instruction

MDS Lockdrop : loock MDS and get MATH airdrop
MDS lockdrop open time: 2019.06.20–2019.07.05
MATH airdrop time: Mid-july 2019

First step: get MDS

Buy MDS from the following Exchanges: OTCBTC FCOIN FUBT

Second step: participate in MDS lockdrop

  1. Find ‘MDS Lockdrop’ DApp
  • Android user: open Math Wallet, switch to ETH wallet , click “DApps”, and find “MDS Lockdrop”

2. Participate MDS Lockdrop

Enter the DApp, set lock amount, select lock time (the longer time you lock for, the mroe MATH you will get), click “Lock” and pay MDS to complete the lockdrop.

3. Get MATH Airdrop

The system will automatically calculate the MATH airdrop amount according to your lcoked MDS amount and the lock time, and will allocate the MATH to your Math cloud wallet in mid-July, 2019