Project Update | 2019.6.17

Community Activities

  • Trade MITH on Binance DEX within Math Wallet and win 14,500,000 MITH Airdrop

To celebrate the release of Mithril’s VAULT mobile app, Binance and the Mithril team will be committing a total of 14,500,000 MITH to a trading airdrop on Binance Chain/DEX.
Activity Period: 2019/06/11 0:00 AM -2019/06/21 0:00 AM (UTC)
Activity Rules

MathWallet has in-wallet support of BinanceDEX and you could make dex trade on mobile anywhere anytime:
Tutorial: MathWallet + BinanceDEX Instruction

  • Math Wallet CandyWheel, win BNB、ONG、IRIS、EOS、TRX Everyday


MATH Launched Tron Web Wallet

MATH has launched a new Tron Web Wallet based on TronWeb API. It supports TRC10 and TRC20 tokens and transaction records. Open this web wallet from: and it works with all kinds of Tron Browser Extension wallets.

Math Launched Edgeware Lockdrop DApp

Polkadot does not support smart contracts by default. Edgeware is the smart contract parallel chain of Polkadot, which is the Ethereum on Polkadot in other words. Here is a detail guide of how to participate using MathWallet in Chinese language


Math Wallet Reached a Cooperation with Lichang — the Largest community of Ontology Ecosystem

Lichang is a community platform focus on public chain construction and mining, it is a UGC platform. The vision of Lichang is to become the first community of public chain ecology. Math Wallet and Lichang is going to empower Ontology ecosystem together.

Math Wallet Reached a cooperation with SNZ Holding BP

Math Wallet has launched Atom Staking Tool. Users can vote for the SNZ Holding directly in Math Wallet, join Atom stake mining, be involved in blockchain network management and get stable returns.

Math Wallet has Launched EOS Spring Financial Plan 2rd

Go to check in Math Wallet (— DApp — Financial — Math Financial Plan, with predicted 14-day return of 6%.

The Progress of Development


  • CODEX testing BP build

CODEX is an EOSIO-based relay chain that features cross-chain transactions, low cost and high performance.

CODEX is in the beta stage currently, here’s the link for interested community friends:

  • ChainX BP maintenance

Deposits mining(PCX),related tutorials:
ChainX Mining Tutorial — BTC Cross-chain Deposits Mining
ChainX Mining Tutorial — SDOT Map Mining
Welcome to to vote for “MathWallet

  • COSMOS BP maintenance
    Vote for “MathWallet麦子钱包” to get 100% dividends!
    Video tutorial of the ATOM Staking Tool:
  • IRIS BP maintenance
  • EOS BP maintenance
  • EOS Force BP maintenance
  • TRON mainnet BP maintenance
  • ENU BP maintenance

Android & iOS

1. Android version supports Chinese mnemonics
2. IOS APP Store version supports EOS side-chains, Zilliqa and NEO

Math DApp Store

Added 30 new dapps