How to get BOS airdrop?

1 What is BOS?

BOS is an side chain of EOS with the goal of building an EOSIO ecosystem that supports more DApps and satisfy more real-world needs.

2 How to get BOS airdrop?

The number of BOS airdrops is based on the number of EOS in your EOS wallet on January 1, 2019. You only need to import the EOS wallet account into the BOS to receive the BOS airdrop. The steps:

choose/switch to BOS wallet


Click【Import BOS account】,copy and paste the account private key of the EOS account


! ! Note: Although the private key is the same, the 【account name】 is modified when the BOS starts the mapping, so the account you see after importing is different from the EOS.

After the import is completed, the BOS wallet can be operated. The basic functions is almost the same as EOS.


3. How to check the number of BOS airdrops that my EOS account can get ?

Visit ,enter the EOS account

4 Math Wallet has supported BOS DApps and the Scatter API compatibility

SDK document:

Install Math Wallet:

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