MathWallet Newsletter 2020.04.03

Dear MathWallet user,

MathWallet has been going well for the past two weeks, so here’s an update.

As a bridge between the public chain and the users, MathWallet has been closely cooperating with the major public chains, rapidly updating the iterations, to meet the needs of users. At present, MathWallet support more than 40+ public chains, is still the leader in the industry.

MATH x MXC, the theme of the MathWallet NFT collection series, has been issued, and the third airdrop is in full swing. The first and second edition of MathWallet NFT collection have been distributed, we encourge your participation.

MathWallet App

MathWallet app supports more than 40 different public chains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, Cosmos, etc., is an excellent decentralized wallet, and supports switching to Cloud wallet mode.


By adjusting the default Gas setting of Enigma Wallet transfer, users can save 90% transfer fee while transfering assets in Enigma Wallet of MathWallet APP. User can also enjoy the zero commission transfer.

Kusama Wallet added the feature of “adding tips” while operating transfer, the packing node will give priority to the transfer. Also, Kusama Wallet optimized the Staking tool, and added the feature of receiving rewards manually.


1. Update Kusama Wallet

2. Add “Adding tips” feature in Kusama Wallet

3. Add ” Manually collect rewards” feature in Kusama Staking tool

4. Enigma transfer fee reduced by 90%, launch SCRT staking tool

Math Web Wallet

Math Web Wallet is a web version of the decentralized wallet, together with Math extension wallet, you can make a fast and secure transfers and asset query operation.


Math Extension Wallet

Math Extension Wallet is currently the only multi-chain extension wallet, which has supported more than 30 mainstream public chains, which is especially suitable for professional users and developers.


1. Update Kusama Wallet

2. Update ETH test node

Math Cloud Wallet

Math Cloud Wallet is the web version of the cloud wallet, which ensures secure assets, is easy to register and suitable for novices.

Link :

1. Add Twitter login feature

2. Add one-click airdrop automation tool MathGiveaway

3. Built-in VPoS pool

4. Built-in Buy/Sell block, support Changelly and Moonpay

Math Staking

Participating in the node ecology of multiple POS public chain, MathWallet developed a set of staking tools.

Link :

1. Launch Stakingrewards

2. Join the PlatON test node

3. Kusama node

     – Upgrade node

4. CoinEx

     – Coinex hard forking upgrade

5. Bytom side chain (Vapor) node

     – Vapor upgrade to v1.1.0

 Math VPoS Pool

Virtual Proof of Stake (VPoS) is a new kind of mining pool with multi-currency and Dual engines.

Link :

Math DApp Store

Math DApp Store is a place for gathering decentralized applications and the entry for all Dapp users.

Link :

From March 20 to April 2 , 69 DAapp were added.

It is noteworthy that,


Plasm Lockdrop

An extensible DApp platform based on Plasma and Substrate technologies.

An “Uniswap”, tailored specifically for stable currency trading, has been accessed by multiple Ethereum’s decentralized converged trading platforms.

MKR Debt Auctions

With the MakerDAO Black Swan incident, it needs to auction MKR to pay off debts, and users can bid for MKR through auctions.


A tool that can create various DeFi combinations and combine all the strategies into one in order to save Gas.



TRON DJED platform launched, users can stake TRX to generate stable currency USDJ. MakerDAO of TRON is a small step of TRON Stake and a big step of decentralized finance.


Mega Crypto Polis

A popular ethereum strategy game of TRON which allows users to build the world’s largest decentralized city.

Math Cloud SWAP

Math Cloud SWAP supports the fast trading of BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, TRX, ATOM,MATH through the aggregation of the depth of exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

Click Cloud Wallet – Trade

Link :

Math Cross-chain SWAP

The cross-chain SWAP within MathWallet is a cross-chain fast exchange service jointly launched by MathWallet and SWFT Blockchain, which supports cross-chain exchange between the following currencies:


Click HD Wallet – Trade


MathLabs is an incubation and research center of MATH that incubates and outputs a variety of projects, tools, and articles.

MathWallet API Documentation

Add Enigma DAPP and YAS DAPP development interface

The Polkadot blockchain development guide

PolkadotJS development tutorial – The version of each module in the Substrate application chain

PolkadotJS development tutorial – Test the configuration of Extension Wallet

PolkadotJS development tutorial – Implement the front end of Substrate canvas

PolkadotJS development tutorial – Search transaction records

Math Community Activities

We launched an airdrop event with Phala in mid-to-late march, which had 3,000 retweets on Twitter and received a great engagement. If you are interested, please go search on Twitter: @MathWallet to get the latest news on time.

We have formally entered into a strategic partnership with the Darwinia Network. In the future, we will carry out Polkadot ecological promotion, technical support, event hosting, community interaction and other forms of event to jointly facilitate the ecological construction of Polkadot and DARWINIA.

At the stage of Polkadot China ambassador apprenticeship, the first online live broadcast was held on March 31, with the theme of “setting and debugging skills based on Substrate development environment”. The event was held successfully with enthusiastic response.

the first and second edition of MathWallet NFT collection have been distributed, and the OpenSea, EnjinX and SpiderDEX transactions have been launched.

MATH x MXC, the theme of the MATH NFT collection series, has been issued, and the third airdrop is in full swing. We encourge your participation and find us on Twitter @MathWallet.

On March 26, MathWallet was invited to conduct an AMA in Vietnam with the theme “how MathWallet can enter the ecosystem of public chains as a blockchain Wallet”. As one of the most active blockchain telegram groups in the region, VIC telegram group has a community of 16,000 people. That night, Math Global CEO Frank Fu and CPO Mike Chi well engaged with the community to introduce the MathWallet and VPoS pool to users and patiently answer their questions. Community users have great impression and engagement rate is very high.