Project Update| 2018.6.8

The Progress of Development


  • Deployed software and hardware of the Block Producer of EOS.MediShares
  • Tested eos-v1.0.1 depolyment
  • Keep track of the EOS Mainnet main network initiation process

Android & iOS

  • Added 【Transaction Delay Contract】
  • Added asset auto adding function
  • Added detail page of token price market
  • Added banner in frontage
  • Enabled identity verification using DL
  • Added portfolio detail
  • Added portfolio ranking function
  • Enabled importing portfolio information from exchange account
  • Enabled website refresh、share and copy function
  • Optimized ETH transfer and gas setting
  • Optimized token filter


  • Fixed known bugs



  • EOS account creating, importing and management
  • Eos Block producer voting
  • Transaction records reminding
  • Details of token price market
  • Built-in browsers add sharing function
  • Added Transaction Delay Contract
  • Enabled Token Auto Search
  • Added token price details
  • Added Portfolio function

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