Project Update| 2018.8.31

Cooperation Math Wallet has reached a partnership with ONT The ONT ontology provides a new generation of high-performance basic public chains, including complete distributed ledger and smart contract system support Math Wallet has partnered with ONT, and Math Wallet has supported ONT wallet creation, import, transfer and mainnet mapping. Math Wallet Cooperated with Prophet Math […]

Project Update| 2018.8.17

Math Wallet Jointly create a “EOS” venture camp with OracleChain and Delphy On August 15–16, in the first live broadcast conference for global EOS Token holders, more than 60 excellent nodes and dozens of Dapp teams participated in the discussion. Anita, the overseas community manager of OracleChain, said that open source is very important for […]

Project Update| 2018.8.4

Community Activities LRN Airdropping in Math Wallet MathWallet has supported Loopring protocol and LRN Airdrop. Users could get LRN airdrop by importing the ETH address that owns more than 50 LRC to MathWallet, or create a ETH wallet in MathWallet and then transfer LRC to that ETH wallet. Tutorial ➡ How to get LRN Airdrop? The Progress […]