How to Buy EOS RAM on Math Wallet ?

All EOS operations related to contract data storage require the purchase of RAM. The RAM transaction is through the built-in mechanism of EOS system. The core algorithm is based on the Bancor protocol, which means the price will go up when there are more people buy RAM and the price will go down when there are more people sell RAM.

At present, the EOS RAM price has risen from 0.017EOS/kb at first to 0.85EOS/kb, which is a five- fold growth. In other words, if you bought 100 EOS RAM previously and never used it, now, you can earn 5000EOS if you sell it to the EOS system. (Every time you buy or sell RAM, you have to pay a 0.5% fee)

If the total amount of RAM in the entire EOS system stay unchanged, the more RAM that is purchased, the higher the RAM price (unless the EOS Block Producers expand the RAM).

Now let’s see how to buy EOS RAM on Math Wallet.

First of all, you need to download Math Wallet and import EOS Wallet:

Then click【Dapp】on the botton

  • Firstly, check 【EOS RAM Price Trend】and choose a good price
  • Secondly, click 【Purchase EOS System Resource】, where you could get the current RAM price and buy or sell RAM.


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Reminding: EOS RAM could be expanded by Block Producers, which means the price may go down if the RAM is expanded, so please invest cautiously

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