Tutorial of MathWallet RedPacket

I. Generate EOS Red Packet

1、Enter EOS wallet, click 【DApp】in bottom and find the DApp 【MathWallet RedPacket】

2、Click to generate the Red Packet code

3. Then copy the code and send to friends


Rules of Red Packet Return

The Red Packet Code is available for 24 hours, and will be returned to senders address after 24 hours.

II. Get Red Packet

1、Copy the code sent by friends

2、Then open the Math Wallet and you’ll see the Red Packet on screen:)

3、The EOS will go to the Cloud Wallet, and you could withdraw them in【Me】in bottom navigation bar — 【Cloud Wallet】

Rules of Red Packet Code
If you enter wrong code too many times, you will be forbidden to reenter for a while.
Same account cannot recollect the same Red Packet Code.
The code can be only used once.

III. Check your Red Packet record


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