Project Update| 2018.5.25

Maizi Wallet Korean APP Launched

Maizi Wallet」Korean App has launched today, you are welcome to invite your Korean friends to use [Maizi Wallet], the invitation bounties is waiting for you!

Korean [Maizi Wallet] install link:

As MediShares receives more and more overseas users’ attention, the MDS team is also actively responding to and deploying MediShares overseas communities. Currently, the MediShares Korean Community is in expansion, and we sincerely invite Korean community enthusiasts to join us as community partners. We also welcome cooperation or recommendations towards Korean market. For any business cooperation, please contact:

Access Korean Community ▼




EOS Mapping Reminder

According to EOS official, EOS tokens will not be transferable on the Ethereum blockchain 23 hours after the completion of EOS token distribution period on June 1, 2018 at 22:59:59 UTC, which means users who do not complete EOS mapping before June 2, 2018 at 21:59:59 UTC will lose EOS assets forever.

Reminder for Maizi Wallet users: Please ensure that you successfully completed EOS mapping

The Progress of Development


Developed EOS-based Mutual Aid Contract

On May 11,EOSMediShares CTO Eric had an exclusive interview with Jinse Media, and he approved that EOS will bring prosperity to blockchain application ecology, he hopes to be involved and become the first team in the blockchain insurance field.

EOS.MediShares achieves full score in EOS block producer candidate report.

Android & iOS

  • Supported wallet create and mnemonic words, private key & keystore export.
  • Supported ENS
  • Supported Korean and KRW
  • Supported Dapp from 3rd party
  • Optimized faces display in address book
  • Enabled wallet account display when transfer to contacts
  • Added new tokens
  • Checked new version update
  • Fixed Known Bugs


  • Added Transaction Delay Contract
  • Enabled ETH Wallet retransfer
  • Enabled searching token automatically when adding new assets
  • Check new Android’s version update
  • Optimized gas fee adjusting
  • Optimized the functions of Built-in browsers

Download Math Wallet:

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