ChainX User Guide

What is ChainX?

ChainX (PCX) is a Blockchain project of inter-chain assets based on Polkadot’s Substrate. ChainX breaks down barriers between assets in different chains and creates a multi-currency integration ecosystem.

ChainX’s mining value is based on market value of: BTC, DOT, ETH, ERC-20, EOS.

What is PCX and what is the value of PCX?

PCX is the token of the decentralized storage network.

ChainX uses the Halving model, every two years the number of tokens generated is halved. 10.5 million issued in the previous two years.

Token Allocation: 20% of the first two years circulation is owned by the founding team for ongoing development funding, 80% is owned by its community.

Token Sales: ChainX has no ICO as well as Pre-mining.

Total Supply: 21,000,000 PCX

Circulating Supply: 147,993 PCX

The initial amount: 14400PCX/day

PCX will be used to pay for the fuel costs of various operations on the mainnet, it is also the only token for node voting. At present, the PCX stake rate is about 70%. In the future, PCX will become the intermediate token of some cross-chain tokens.

How to mine PCX?

1. Deposit BTC
Detailed Instruction:

2. Map DOT
Detailed Instruction:

3. Buy PCX and stake PCX for vote
Buy PCX from the exchanges such as Cybex or Hotbit, or via OTC groups

Detailed instruction of PCX staking and Node voting:

Mining Power Calculation

a) BTC deposit mining: the mining power is calculated according to 10% of the average moving price per hour of PCX/BTC generated in the token trading system. If the price of PCX in exchanges is 0.001BTC, then the 1BTC mining power is 1/0.001*0.1=100PCX;

b) SDOT mining power: SDOT mining power is constant at 0.1PCX;

c) PCX voting mining power: 1PCX per vote is equivalent to 1PCX mining power.

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