MATHCON 2.0 was successfully held, predicting the next trend of blockchain

On the evening of 27th October 2020, the second MATHCON, initiated by MathWallet and co-organized by NEAR Protocol and BlockBeats, was successfully held in The North Bund of Shanghai. On this day, many industrial leaders gathered in order to predict the next trend of blockchain, with professional experience and focus to guide the public, to […]

BSC NFT User Guide

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) defines an indivisible, has uniqueness in ecological circulation of tokens interaction and interface specification. On the blockchain, cryptocurrencies are divided into two categories: original coins and tokens. The former, such as Bitcoin and Qtum, has its own main chain and USES transactions on the chain to maintain account data. The latter, such […]

NEAR Staking Tool operation guide

First download MathWallet: Note:IOS user please download TestFlight version ( How to install MathWallet iOS TestFlight version?) Switch to NEAR wallet ,open DApp – NEAR Staking Tool Add staking Click +stake   Select the validator, CURRENT means the active account, and the commission rate is the commission charged by the validator, which will be deducted […]

How to create FileCoin mainnet wallet

Download MathWallet first: Note:IOS user please download TestFlight version (How to install MathWallet iOS TestFlight version) Video:Filecoin Wallet Operation Guide Create Filecoin wallet Open MathWallet – Filecoin  Click create wallet Input wallet name and wallet password Make a copy of the mnemonic (please keep the mnemonic properly and do not give it to another person in […]

Near Wallet User Guide

Download MathWallet first: Note:IOS user please download TestFlight version (How to install MathWallet iOS TestFlight version) Create Near Wallet Switch to Near Wallet Click create wallet (please store your mnemonics phrases properly) Finish mnemonics phrases to complete wallet creation  Click Near wallet to make transaction Dapp Click DApp,check NEAR DApps,currently most are categorized as tools: […]

MathWallet Secures $7.8 Million Series A+ Financing Round Led by Alameda Research & Multicoin Capital

Math Global Foundation, the Singapore based foundation behind the development of MathWallet which supports more than 50 public blockchains worldwide, announced an investment from Alameda Research, a leading quantitative cryptocurrency trading firm and liquidity provider headquartered in Hong Kong. This round of financing also includes well-known blockchain investment firms such as Multicoin Capital. The strategic […]

How to search blockchain in MathWallet?

Currently, MathWallet supports over 50 different public chains. MathWallet’s innovative design in terms of the multi-chain operation, including switching and selection, has become the design standard in the field of multi-chain wallet. We are also very happy to continue to lead the innovation in promoting multi-chain design. In the latest version of MathWallet, we also […]

Solana Wallet operation guide

The new version of MathWallet App has supported Solana public chain. Download MathWallet: (iOS users please download the Testflight version) Enter to switch to the wallet interface, select Solana public chain on the left side, and then click the +  in the upper right corner. You can create a new Solana wallet or import […]