MathWallet NFT Guide

NFT (Non – Fungible Token) defines an indivisible, unique standard of interface specification in tokens exchange and circulation. On the blockchain, digital currency are divided into two categories: native coin and token. The former, such as Bitcoin and Qtum, have its own main chain and use transactions on the chain to maintain ledger data;The latter, such […]

How to use the Edgeware Staking tool

Download MathWallet: Note: for IOS users, please download TestFlight verion 1. Open the MathWallet, switch to Edgeware Wallet, and open the Edgeware Staking tool in the application 2. Enter the DAPP, the default is storage account, click “New stake” (For guide on storage and control account, please click: guide on storage and control account) 3. Enter […]

Edgeware APP wallet guide

1. Find the Mnemonic Phrase you backed up when made Lockdrop. 2. Download MathWallet APP Find the Edgeware icon, click the + sign, and import through mnemonic phrase 3 Begin to transfer money and operate Staking If you have more questions, you can contact the customer service through any of the following ways: Add […]

Spring promotion-share the 200,000 EIDOS award

Please install MathWallet first: Note:IOS user please download public beta version Dear MathWallet user: Since MathWallet supports YAS ecosystem, it has been recognized and supported by community users. To thank the community for the support and love, MathWallet strives for more benefits for users, we launched online activity: “Spring promotion-share the 200,000 EIDOS award”. […]

YAS Mainnet Extension Wallet Guide

Download MATH Chrome Extension Wallet Configure YAS Mainnet Configuration – Network – EOS – Custom Network Enter the following configuration, stake address is: Switch to YAS Click【Import Wallet】and type in EOS wallet private key. Web Wallet Open ,Select Local  Testnet Configure local testnet,set up Nodeos URL as: Login using Math/Leaf, then you […]

How to use Kusama Staking tool?

First download Math Wallet: Note:IOS user please download TestFlight version. 1.Open Math Wallet,switch to Kusama ,and open Kusama Staking at Dapp store. 2.Enter the application, the default is stash account, click new stake. 3. Enter the number of Kusama that needs Staking and click confirm. 4. Switch to controller account. 5.Click Nominating-Set 6.Select the validator, up […]