Project Update| 2018.9.14


MathWallet has reached a partnership with ProChain

DApp Prabox is the first candy box based on EOS. Currently, Math Wallet has launched Prabox, and the cooperation between the Math Wallet and Prochain will further leverage the advantages of both parties and jointly promote the development of EOS ecosystem.

Math Wallet Launcheded EOS.WIN

Math Wallet has launched EOS.WIN, which is a game based on EOS and designed by random algorithm. Also, Math Wallet supports customized invitation code , which means users could invite friends to get LUCKY token and get dividends.

Math Wallet Launched DApp EOS Shadows

Math Wallet has launched DApp EOS Shadows. EOS Shadows is the first IBO mode game on EOS, the user is both a player and a platform shareholder. It uses the Bancor algorithm to realize the sales of the platform KEY, and through the new game, the dividend is distributed according to the KEY ratio.

The Progress of Development


  • EMLG Mainnet upgrade and maintenance
  • House Rental Contract of RiskExchange based on EOS is being tested

EOS Force

  • Helped develop the Incentive Program of EOS Force ‘s developer community

Fibos Community

  • Researched Fibos Mainnet and Bancor exchange mechanism

Android & iOS

  • Developed, tested and launched ESN Wallet
  • Supported SimpleWallet ‘s【scan to login and pay】
  • Updated candy collecting page
  • Supported searching the News
  • Optimized Scatter API of EOS/EOS Force
  • Optimized DApp going through and sharing
  • Fixed Known bugs


  • EOS Airgrab
  • Managed the invitation link of EOS Game
  • Supported SimpleWallet protocol
  • Supported creating EOS account that could use WeChat Pay

New about Math Wallet:

  • Supported SimpleWallet in EOS wallet, which links the payments between DAPP and EOS Wallet.
  • Supported collecting multiple candies
  • Added searching tool of【News】

Download Math Wallet:

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