What is EMDS?

EMDS is the 1:1 cross-chain mapping of MDS on EOS.

Is EMDS a secondary issue for MDS?

No. For every EMDS release, an MDS must be locked.

MDS lock-up address 1:

MDS lock-up address 2:

EMDS issuing address:

How to exchange MDS into EMDS?

Visit: http://medishares.org/#/crossChain

How to trade EMDS

EMDS can be traded in the DEX of EOS or exchanged into MDS and traded in Exchanges such as Huobi and Gate.

EMDS usage scenarios

EMDS is the main token of MediShares for DAPP on EOS. For more details, please visit:


How to verify the security of EMDS?

Supply of EMDS <= (MDS lock-up address 1 + MDS lock-up address 2)

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