Project Update| 2018.12.14

Community Activities

Gala Night of Math Wallet

MathWallet is holding a Candy Party sponsored by TRON、YDAPP 、DiceBet 、Lianjinshu、TRONWIN、TRON 101 、TronFun. Users could create/import TRON wallet in Math Wallet to be eligible to draw the TRON WheelSurf !

Install Math Wallet;


BCSEC and Math Wallet Reached a Deep Strategic Cooperation

On December 5th, BCSEC reached a deep strategic cooperation with Math Wallet. The two parties will conduct in-depth business cooperation in the areas of wallet security, wallet program auditing and R&D, smart contract development and auditing. At the same time, the two parties will jointly create a blockchain full ecological security solution to better protect the blockchain ecological security.

Math Wallet reached Partnership with “Startup Camp Vision Plan”

The two parties will cooperate in traffic, and the Math Wallet will support access to the assets of the members of the public chain technology alliance project . The public-chain technology alliance was initiated by the “Startup Camp Vision Plan”.

Math Wallet Cooperated with CoinRap

Math Wallet has cooperated with CoinRap. CoinRap is the pioneer of the 0-block blockchain, shouldering the mission of people entering the blockchain with lower thresholds, providing users with 0-throw Swap and C2C trading services. With the RapC2C service, users can buy and sell tokens directly in the Math Wallet, safe, fast and efficient!

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP: Tested new v1.2.3

EOS.MediShares: Upgraded

GXChain BP: Depolyed and tested

TRON Mainnet BP:Depolyed, synced, tested and upgraded to v3.2.2

Android & iOS

  • SupportedTRON DApps
  • Application page revision
  • EOS delayed transaction
  • Added EOS account permissions

UI Design

  • Application page revision;
  • EOS asset management product design
  • Design of Big Wheel
  • Design of EOS delayed transaction

What’s new in Math Wallet:

  • Enabled transfer EOS in a set time
  • Added EOS account permission settings
  • Application page revision
  • Launched Nuanbaobao — EOS financial product

Download Math Wallet:

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