Project Update| 2018.12.28

Community Activities

Gala Night of Math Wallet

The Candy Party held by Math Wallet, TRON, YDAPP, DiceBet, Lianjinshu, TRONWIN, TRON 101, TronFun has ended with the participants more than 50 thousand! There will be more activities to reward the community friends, please stay tuned!


Math Wallet and Vessel Capital Fund Launched Winter EOS Financial Plan

Vessel Capital is a blockchain technology company specializing in the management and management of encrypted digital assets. [Winter EOS Financial Plan] is jointly launched by Math Wallet and Vessel Capital Fund, and MediShares provides credit guarantee. The product protects the interest rate, fixed income, annualized income of 13%, the highest in the whole network. [Winter EOS Financial Plan] No. 002 and 30,000 EOS has been sold out in advance. It is expected that the next issue will be open for purchase in mid-January, first come first served.

Thor Swap and Math Wallet Launched Christmas & New Year’s Day Triple Airdrop Event

From December 25th to February 2nd, Math Wallet and Thor Swap launched the Christmas New Year’s Day triple-airdrop event. In the first transaction in Thor Swap, you can receive 3000 THT, register to receive 500 THT, and invite friends to send 500 THT per person. Math Wallet user could get extra 1000 THT by transferring in Math Wallet.

Math Wallet and EOSPark Released EOS Referendum Tool

The EOS referendum system is a proposal initiated by EOS Canada to allow EOS community users to participate in the ruling of the proposal and determine the direction of EOS. The referendum system is now in beta and is expected to be officially deployed to during the year. Now log in to the Math Wallet and click [App]-[Tools]-[EOSPark Referendum] to participate in the voting.

XPET and Math Wallet jointly launched a limited edition Christmas badge

The Math Wallet and XPET jointly launched 50 limited edition Christmas badges. The Christmas badge is a category of game props that enhances the player’s luck in the game and increases the level at which the player drops the equipment during the monster fight. Players can wear in the game, can transfer gifts to my props, or hang into the trading market for free trading.

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP: Upgraded to new v1.2.3

EOS.MediShares: Upgrading and maintenance

GXChain BP: Upgraded to v1.0.181226

TRON Mainnet BP:- FullNode maintenance

Android & iOS

  • DApp UI optimization

-no screen locking

-optimized horizontal screen mode

  • Launched TRC10 decentralized exchange function
  • Provided transaction checking through multi-browsers
  • Fixed the problem of token unseen

UI Design


-horizontal screen mode of DApps



Transaction checking through multi-browsers

What’s new in Math Wallet:

  • Launched DEX for TRC10 tokens
  • Enabled horizontal screen mode

Download Math Wallet:

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